VP Review: Beard & Hair Care


On Thursday a gentleman from our water company come round to look at how much water we use and see if we could save ourselves some money, sounded like a good idea.

We went through a few questions and changed a couple of things, duel flush on the toilet and a new shower head, all free of charge by the way (I’m sure there will eventually be a catch). As we discussed how often and for how long we used the shower (i.e. 20 mins for me and a minute for my wife if she is lucky), he handed me a timer (like a sand egg timer) and after a disgruntled exhale uttered: “this is a four minute timer for when you are having a shower”.

Now I don’t know about anybody else but it takes me longer than four minutes to rinse through my beard, let alone wash the rest of my body and that’s not even a beard shampooing day!

This got me thinking about my showering habits and general ‘beardiful’ routine and how much you would all love to hear about them and all the lovely products I use to keep myself dapper.

Clearly, like most people, I have a shower every morning and rinse through the hair on my head, my beard and moustache running my fingers through the hair to allow the water in. I find that if I just stand under the water it tends to just run off and not go through the beard. This takes approximately four and a half minutes .

Once I’ve completed that I wash the rest of the body with shower gel and a “puff”. I’m a fairly big lad so I’m probably in the shower for about 15 minutes. When I’m finished I towel off with a good rub of the beard.

So I’ve finished in the shower and head into the bedroom to my table of manly products. (I’m going to put some clothes on now, just so you don’t feel uncomfortable reading on.)

  1. Nivea for men double strength balm (moisturiser) – I use about half a teaspoon and rub it into all areas of my face and ears that have no hair attached being careful not to go to near the eyes (that just hurts a lot).
  2. I then pick up my beard oil, Apothecary87 original recipe and put three drops into the palm of my hand and wipe the rim of the bottle on my hand (this stops a dribbly, messy bottle). I then rub my two palms together to warm the oil. I stroke my palms through my beard, I tend to stroke upwards first catching the underneath of my chin and then stroke downwards, making sure I’ve coated all the hair. I avoid my moustache because as I use moustache wax if I have oil in my moustache the wax won’t take.
  3. I use my Earl Buck long toothed comb and comb through my beard downwards first then upwards, I am naturally very curly and to comb prior to showering and oiling can be rather painful as my beard tangles up a lot.
  4. My moustache is fairly wild, especially if I have been sleeping on my face – it can look like one of those furry catapillars. Anyway, I get half a thumbnail of Apothecary87 moustache wax, and warm it between my finger and thumbs. I then rub the wax into my moustache from my nose out to the ends.
  5. I give it a gentle comb through with a smaller toothed moustache comb from the English pewter company then mould my moustache with my fingers to my desired style.
  6. I finish my routine by ruffling about half a teaspoon of Layrite Pomade through the hair on my head, again, having warmed between my fingers first.

This beardiful routine on average takes around 30 minutes in all, but I do feel dapper and good for the rest of the day!
I wash my hair and beard with shampoo once a week, on a Sunday in fact.

I use any shampoo that’s in the shower and give a good going through all hair and then thoroughly rinse. I then apply a conditioner (again, usually my wife’s, don’t tell her), which I stroke through my hair and beard and then leave it while I wash my body, I then again rinse thoroughly. My beard feels amazing afterwards.

Apart from the Nivea all of the other products were recommended to me at the barbers – Mister Robinson’s (see my earlier post here) and in general I have followed their guidelines. Listed below are the products I use and a few thoughts I have about each of them.


Apothecary87 original recipe beard oil

Though the oil is made of several oils and ingredients, the scent is of sandalwood and my wife loves the smell (occasionally she will linger to smell me after a kiss, all the more reason to have a beard!). The general consensus is that most women like the smell of sandalwood (nope, no other kissing just general comments when being close to others), but definitely a point to be taken on by anyone single out there.

On a plus point, I love the scent too. I find that my beard feels great, soft to the touch and generally lasts the day. Though I have found that if I’m out in the cold, wet and windy days of winter that my beard tends to dry out a little bit by late afternoon, early evening. Also it depends on the man handling my eight month old son gives (that can be quite vigorous and plentiful at times).

All in all I am very pleased with the product, I suppose to the point that I’ve not wanted to go out and search for something else.

Apothecary87 sandalwood and vanilla moustache wax

With my moustache I got to a point where it had grown fairly long and I wasn’t to sure of what I wanted to do with it. Speaking with Matt at Mister Robinson’s I decided to continue to grow it and we talked about the application of wax.

Matt was very kind and gave me a half used pot of the Apothecary87 wax to see how I would get on with it. I got on ok – I was able to apply the amount suggested and style as I desired, but found that my desired style would only last 2/3 hours. So there was a need to reapply throughout the day, which isn’t always possible, when looking after children or being at work.

It does however have a wonderful scent, which is great when right under your nose. I did get some more of the wax in a set that came in a lovely leather wash bag from Apothecary87 which I continue to use. I am however going to look at other waxes on the market to make a comparison.

Nivea for men double action balm

This is my most recent acquisition (in fact my wife bought it for me) and I have found it rather good, I could say I am a little surprised.

I apply as part of my routine and my skin feels great all day, even being out in the cold and windy weather I’ve found that my skin still feels soft in the evening. Very pleased and satisfied customer.

Layrite original pomade

This is great stuff, very quick and easy to apply (though I have accidently put too much on occasionally, but through trial and error I got it right). It lasts throughout the day and the ability to restyle is there too (can you restyle a scruffy look? But anyway). I have been really pleased with this product and I think it’s really good value for money.

Uppercut deluxe pomade

I find this has the same qualities as the Layrite, but it has a slightly denser consistency. I think that this product is very good quality, but with it being in a smaller pot at a dearer price I may lean towards the Layrite in future purchases.

Uppercut matt clay

This was the first hair product I was advised to use by the guys at Mister Robinsons and it does fulfil its task.

But I find it a bit taxing to apply, using about a thumbnail full I would warm between my fingers and then stroke through my hair. The consistency is very much like clay (surprise, surprise!) and with that it is quite difficult to manipulate. As I worked it through my hair it would pull – nothing drastic – just enough to put me off.

Saying all that, once you had the desired effect, it would hold for the day, but not so accommodating if you ran your fingers through your hair. This product is not for me on a daily basis, but would suit someone else for sure.

I believe that I have some great products that I use. With this blogging it has got me thinking about what else is out there and is there anything that can compare? My search begins and I will come back and let you know my findings.

I would love hear about products you would recommend or if you are a company who thinks they have a product I should try please contact me:

Email: vapingpogonophile@gmail.com

Twitter: @V_Pogonophile

Instagram: @vapingpogonophile

Have a dapper day cloud chasers!


MOD & juice: Dripex DBOX 30W with an Aspire Triton tank – 1.8ohm coil. Honey Vapes – La Creme 0.6mg(dreamy vape!)

Haircare: Apothecary87 original recipe beard oil, Apothecary87 sandalwood & vanilla moustache wax to calm the tashe and Layrite pomade in hair

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