VP Vaping Review: Mc Flavors

I found Mc Flavors through twitter, when looking around for other vaping type people and companies. If you are au fait  with the workings of twitter you will be well aware that when you click ‘follow’ on an account, you usually get an automated direct message inviting you to their website or page, some even […]

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Children of the beard

“WITH GREAT BEARD COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY”   The dreaded C word Thirty three years of my life has been spent either clean shaven or at most stubbly. In 2007 (my thirty-third year), my family were hit with cancer when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer; she fought it, won and has thankfully since been clear. […]

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VP Vaping Review: Honey Vapes

  I had been looking through the forum Planet of the Vapes and came across Honey Vapes mentioned in a thread that I was following(can’t for the life of me remember what the subject was about). Whenever I come across a new company, I always check it out and see what they have to offer. […]

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