VP Vaping Review: Alphaliquid

On the Saturday when Vape Jam was drawing to a close and I had been walking in circles in a haze and with sore feet. I stopped for a moment and out of the haze came the pleasant and warm welcoming voice of Catherine from Alfaliquid.

“Hello, how has your day been?” I think I probably looked quite blank back at her “Have you tried any of our liquids?”

“erm, no I don’t think I have” I said, Catherine smiled “would you like to?”

“Yes why not” as I moved over to Alfaliquid’s stand. I was there for quite a while and we had a good chat about liquids, vaping and new things coming into the industry.

I tried quite a few of their juices and actually what stands out is, as we went through the different flavours, was this draw of MODs all in neat rows and all wonderfully labelled up. Catherine would go into her draw of MODs that were so neatly lined up and pull out the next flavour. There was a wide range and there were some that I really liked and some not so much.

As we closed our conversation and testing of liquids and Catherine asked if I would do a review on five of their juices from their Dark Story Collection and so here it is.

Alfaliquid is a French based company and was established in 2010 and they have four ranges.

Their signature range has eighty-seven flavours split up into the following categories: Tobacco; Cocktail; Greedy and Fruity. They all come in 10ml bottles at €5.90 with a choice of 0, 3, 6, 11, 16, 19mg nicotine strengths.

Their Dark Story range has eighteen flavours coming in 20ml bottles at €12.90 with a choice of 0, 3, 6, 11, 16mg nicotine strength and is a 50/50 range.

Their ALFA Siempre range has ten flavours in 10ml bottles at €6.90 with a choice of 0, 3, 6, 11, 16mg nicotine strengths and is a 50/50 range.

Their new range Silverway has twelve flavours and comes in 10ml bottles at €6.90 with a choice of  0, 3, 6, 9, 12mg nicotine strength. This juice is PG and Alcohol free, using a PG alternative.

So with no further a do I’ll get on with the review.

Devices used:

  • Innokin Coolfire IV plus 70W @ 40watts, Aspire Cleito with 0.4ohm coil
  • Dripex DBOX 30W @ 14watts, Aspire Triton with 1.8ohm coil.


Tropical Cloud – Guava, apple, pear, grape and camomile.

This juice takes me off to my holidays sat by the pool drinking the delightful cocktails that the local barman has concocted. The guava makes this juice wonderfully smooth and the delicate blend of the apple, pear, grape and camomile makes for an excellent vape. Not really being able to define each flavour I believe this juice has been shaken, not stirred.

VP Review Rating: 8/10


Vanilla Custard – custard, vanilla, caramel and almond.

This is a very light custard, I would rather call it a crème anglais as this, for us in the UK, is a more refined ‘custard’. On the exhale you get a undertones of a dark caramel. I don’t quite get the almond. But this is a delicate vape and an ADV for me.

VP Review Rating: 6/10


Dragon Oil – milky strawberry, aniseed, lime and eucalyptus.

With this there is a soft milky strawberry accompanied by the aniseed on the inhale and the eucalyptus joins in on the exhale. I feel the lime is lost in this and it would have been quite nice to have the addition of the zing of the lime on that exhale.

VP Review Rating: 5/10


Apple and Cinnamon – pippin apples, Ceylon and cinnamon.

There is a slight sourness to the apples that are wonderfully coated in a cinnamon making this almost a sweet and sour vape. For an occasional vape this is very pleasant.

VP Review Rating: 7/10


Coffee Rock – coffee, hazelnut, chocolate, cream and vanilla.

At Vape Jam I tried several coffee flavours and I have to say that in general though the few drags tasted rather good, any prolonged vaping became very sickly and unpleasant.

However, Coffee Rock is the best coffee vape I have tried. I’m drawn to vivid memories of my time in France getting up early and going to a lovely traditional little café with tables out on the streets and having an espresso and my pain au chocolat.

On the inhale the taste is of a black coffee blended with what I think is dark chocolate (a great combination) with the hazelnut and vanilla toning down the coffee on the exhale. It’s not an ADV for me but still a delightful vape.

VP Review Rating: 8/10


In conclusion: a great website which is very clear to navigate and a huge variety to choose from. It is well documented in past reviews that I haven’t got on too well with 50/50 juices, preferring a higher VG mix. But I have to say that I haven’t had the same problems with this juice. I did find the juice a little harsher on the throat and I put that down to the PG level (apart from Tropical Cloud). There is a good consistency through the range and the vapour production is good. The bottles come with some excellent pipettes and I really like the art work on the labels.

I would recommend hopping over the channel and checking out our neighbours’ juice at Alfaliquid.

Alfaliquid will be going to Vaper Expo 2016, so pop by their stand.

You can go to http://www.Alfaliquid.com or click here.

You can also find them on social media;

facebook: /Alfaliquid

Twitter: @Alfaliquid

Instagram: @Alfaliquid

If you think that there is a juice/vendor out there that you think I should try or you are a company and would like me to do a review, you can contact me via the following:

Email: hello@vapingpogonophile.com

Twitter: @v_pogonophile

Instagram: @vapingpogonophile

Facebook: FaceBook.com/vapingpogonophile

Website: www.vapingpogonophile.com

If you have enjoyed and found my review informative would be so kind to ‘like’ it at the bottom, thank you.

Have a dapper day cloud chasers!


VP Review Rating explained:

8/10 – 10/10 = Highly recommend, will be keeping in my personal stock

6/10 – 7/10 = I would recommend 

5/10 = I would recommend, but is not of personal taste

0/10 – 4/10 = I would not recommend

MOD & juice: Aspire Pegasus, Aspire Cleito with 0.4ohm coil. Alfaliquid – Tropical Cloud–  0.3mg (lovely, easily an all day vape!)

Haircare: Beard Pioneer Home Coming beard balm and a little Layrite pomade to calm the tashe (which I also use in my hair)

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