VP Vaping Review: Mist E-liquid

Mist E-liquid are a UK company based in Brighton. They launched in 2011 and have set themselves up to target people giving up smoking and starting out on vaping.

I was contacted by Georgia from Mist on Twitter and was asked if I would do a review of some their products. I accepted and Georgia sent me out a selection for the purpose of review. Within the conversation on Twitter we discussed VG/PG preferences and nicotine levels, I was surprised to find that they did not do a 3mg level in their juices. Especially when they do a higher level VG and also sell Sub Ohm tanks, I will come back to this later. The juices that were sent are 0mg nicotine strength and 70VG/30PG mix.

They offer a range of starter kits and kits for the more experienced. Which I think is great and a lot of thought has gone into. The kits are a range of starter kits from different companies and ones that when I’m asked, I would recommend. The likes of the Endura T18 and T22.

Mist juices comes in 10ml for £3.50, 30ml for £8.39 and 100ml for £17.99. They all come in 0, 6, 11 and 18mg nicotine strengths and you can have a choice of either 20VG/80PG or 70VG/30PG.

The review I will be conducting will be a scent test from the open bottle of juice and then a flavour test on the devices listed below.

With no further a do, I’ll get on with the review.

Devices used:

  • Aspire Pegasus 70W @ 40watts, Aspire Triton2 with Clapton 0.5ohm coil
  • Innokin CoolFire plus 70W @ 40watts, Aspire Cleito with 0.4ohm coil
  • Joyetech Cuboid 150W @ 55watts, Geekvape Tsunami 24 with Dual Clapton 0.8ohm coils, wicked with Kendo Cotton

 Juicy Peach

Scent: strong peach.

Flavour: I think this is as real as you can get to a peach. I love peach in juices and like them sweet, however, this juice is not overly sweet and has the slightest of sour notes to it. The flavour is superb, I have to say I was surprised. Both on the inhale and exhale a delightfully smooth real as you can get peach. Easily an ADV for me.

VP Review Rating: 8/10


Scent: watermelon

Flavour: I find this neither accurate or pleasant. It tastes like the watermelon has been cooked and I’m afraid it doesn’t come close to juices already available. There are some sweet tones and slightly sour tones. The main body of the juice should be refreshing but I’m not finding that.

VP Review Rating: 4/10


Scent: a creamy strawberry.

Flavour: this delivers a soft and delicate strawberry. On the inhale the strawberry is very light but fulfils on the exhale leaving a sweet strawberry on the tip of your tongue. I feel it could do with a little more of the strawberry and a little less of the sour notes. Certainly pleasant enough.

VP Review Rating: 6/10


Scent: juicy sweet apple.

Flavour: I do like an apple vape and in general feel disappointed by what is out there. This juice however, delivers a wonderful sweet apple throughout the inhale and the exhale. I like my apples sweet and so this juice suits me very well and easily an ADV for me.

VP Review Rating: 8/10


Scent: fresh raspberry

Flavour: a good fresh raspberry note throughout the vape. Making for a very pleasant ADV for me.

VP Review Rating: 7/10


Scent: blackcurrant

Flavour: throughout the inhale and the exhale I get a superb blackcurrant, very much like a top end blackcurrant cordial. Most definitely an ADV for me.

VP Review Rating: 7/10


Scent: Vanilla

Flavour: for me a delightful vanilla which comes across creamy on both the inhale and the exhale. Reminders of a rich vanilla cream or a light vanilla custard. Both very appetising and very moreish. An ADV for me.

VP Review Rating: 7/10


Scent: a sharp lemon with sweet tones.

Flavour: wow, just wow, this is spot on for a traditional cloudy lemonade. A sharp lemon hits me on the inhale and then this has sweet notes added to make for a beautiful blend on the exhale. This isn’t like grandma use to make, face squinting finished with a smile. This is a delightful ADV for me.

VP Review Rating: 8/10

Red Cola

Scent: cola, but like the cola bottle sweets.

Flavour: I’m getting a mixed fruit and cola blend, both on the inhale and the exhale. For me, I’m not a huge cola fan and this tastes a bit of a weird combination. But for someone who likes the sound of this combination, then they will enjoy a very flavour full and smooth vape.

VP Review Rating: 5/10


Scent: menthol.

Flavour: well, that certainly blows away the cobwebs and any sinus issues. I would describe this as fairly hard hitting menthol on the inhale which softens slightly on the exhale. It is not for me, but you menthol vapers out there, it is worth a try.

VP Review Rating: 5/10


Scent: menthol with a hint of rum.

Flavour: so, there is a menthol and a fresh mint going on. For me the balance is off, I would take the menthol out as I find it masks the other flavours in there. On the inhale a strong menthol with hints of fresh mint and on the exhale you get slight wiffs of rum as the menthol dies down. Once again I think menthol vapers will enjoy this but as a variant to the other menthol above.

VP Review Rating: 5/10


Scent: a very buttery toffee.

Flavour: as it smells, for me it’s a very buttery toffee, pleasant enough and is the same on the inhale and the exhale. Not quite an ADV for me.

VP Review Rating: 6/10

Chocolate Caramel

Scent: a dry chocolate.

Flavour: this took me surprise, the surprise being that it doesn’t taste as it suggests. For me it tastes like Cocoa, I can’t really get the caramel but there are sweet tones on the exhale. Though saying all that, it is rather a pleasant vape and certainly something different than other chocolate vapes which for me can come across sickly sweet. Not an ADV for me but something for occasion.

VP Review Rating: 6/10

So to my conclusion, Mist E-liquid have brought a great selection of alternate starter juices to the market. I have been impressed with some of the flavours, delivering a smooth vape with good flavour and also great vapour production. The great plastic bottles are slightly different to the norm giving you a needle style dripper making filling tanks or dripping very easy. A very thoughtful feature. The website is very good, very clear and easy to navigate. Loaded with information and a blog giving you articles which are worth a read, this all certainly helps anyone giving up the cigarettes and taking up vaping. The bonus feature which I really like is the live chat facility, knowing someone is there to guide you through if needs be.

However I do find that not stocking 3mg juices a bit strange, there is a huge market of Sub-ohmers who solely use 3mg and also the fact that they also stock and sell Sub ohm tanks. Mist you maybe missing a trick here?

I wish Mist the best of luck in their new venture.

If you starting out, I would recommend going and checking out Mist E-liquid.

You can do this by going to http://www.MistEliquid.co.uk or click here.

You can also find them on social media;

Instagram: @Misteliquid

Twitter: @mistEliquid

Facebook: /MistEliquid


I’d like to say thank you to Georgia from Mist E-liquid for sending over these juices for review and wish them the best of luck with their new venture.

If you have enjoyed reading this review then please click the like button at the bottom and please leave a comment it would be good to hear your thoughts.

If you think that there is a juice/vendor out there that you think I should try or you are a company and would like me to do a review, you can contact me via the following:

Email: hello@vapingpogonophile.com

Twitter: @v_pogonophile

Instagram: @vapingpogonophile

Facebook: FaceBook.com/vapingpogonophile

Website: www.vapingpogonophile.com


Have a dapper day cloud chasers!


VP Review Rating explained:

8/10 – 10/10 = Highly recommend, will be keeping in my personal stock

6/10 – 7/10 = I would recommend 

5/10 = I would recommend, but is not of personal taste

0/10 – 4/10 = I would not recommend

MOD & juice: Joyetech Cuboid 150W @ 55watts, Geekvape Tsunami 24 with Dual Clapton 0.8ohm coils, wicked with Kendo Cotton – Mist E-liquid – Lemonade – 0mg

Haircare: Mr VP Beard oil and a little Layrite pomade to calm the tashe (which I also use in my hair)





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