VP Hardware Review: Fusion by Viva Kita

Viva Kita are a Chinese company producing a selection of hardware items for the market. Vaptio is their US name, with Viva Kita being their UK name.

I met Shek from Viva Kita at Vape Jam UK this year (if you would like to check out my blog of the event please click here) where we had a great chat about the products they had in production to come to the UK. We especially spoke about two pieces that Shek was extremely excited about the Fusion AIO starter kit and the Sail P-1 TF Tank (if you would to check out my review please click here), both TPD compliant and both having some unique features.

Shek gave me the devices for the purpose of review.

Edit: Since I published this review I have been sent further items for review;


The Fusion 50W comes with a child lock atomiser design, with a dual coil system, it is pocket sized and also has an ‘intelligent 7 colour LED indicator to make vaping more fun’.

In the box:

  • 1 x Fusion AIO MOD
  • 1 x pre-installed 0.25 ohm coil and 1 spare
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x QC check certificate

On the box sleeve

  • On the front you will find a picture of the Fusion device, the company logo and the nicotine warning label – to be compliant with TPD/TRPR.
  • On the back you will find the name of the device, a list of what is in the box, a selection of the usual warnings and the nicotine warning label – to be compliant with TPD/TRPR.
  • On one side you will find an image of the device broken down and the capabilities of the device.
  • On the other side you will find another picture of the device and an indication to what colour the device is in the box. The device comes in four colours – black, white, blue and red. The one I received is white.


  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml (Max)
  • Battery Capacity: 1500mah
  • Output Power: 30W/40W/50W
  • Charging time: up to 2.5 hours
  • Size: 63mm tall, 51mm wide and a depth of 24mm
  • Coil: Dual coil 0.25 ohm

Taking a look around the device

On the front of the device there is fire button that is in keeping with the size of the MOD, the three little holes you can see are the indicator lights and at the bottom there is the hole for the micro USB charger. On the back there are four holes cut out in the shape of a curvy cross which enables you to see into the tank, the level of your juice and the LED lighting (see video below).

​The silver bits of the device you can see are metal and the sides are a coloured plastic (mine is white) with the company logo on. On top you can see the drip tip (510) and the top of the atomiser which has two fairly large (in comparison with the rest of the device) adjustable air holes. On the base, the name of the device, the wattage output, the size of the battery and a few symbols.

 How to replace the coil and refill

With there being a child safety feature on the atomiser you need to push down the piece around the drip tip. If you look at the image above, in the bottom righthand corner it shows you the atomiser top without it being depressed. In the top righthand corner it shows you the atomiser top depressed. You can see by the image that it is only a slight indentation. But it will not come off unless you have done this. You do have to turn it until you find the teeth drop into the slots (you can see these in the image below) and continue to depress the top to continue to open it up.

Once released the chimney with the coil attached will come out. The coil simply pulls away from the chimney as the coil has two O-Rings to keep it place, rather than the normal threading. There is also an O-Ring at the base of the coil to keep it in place once inside the tank at the bottom. Please check image below. With your replacement coil push it onto the chimney and reverse the actions of taking it off to return the atomiser to the device, remembering to push down to tighten.

As you can see from the image above there is a large hole to put in your liquid. On the outside of the tank there is a max fill line to aid in filling. Check a few images up. Do be careful not to go above this line otherwise you will get spillage when putting the atomiser back in the device.

How to use the device

With no screen on the device it has a very simplistic way to use it.

  • Power On/Off – Press the fire button five times in quick succession to turn the device on and then the same again to turn it off. Lights on the front will flash. One of the safety features of the device is, if you leave the device unused for ten minutes it will automatically turn itself off.
  • Wattage Adjustment –  There are three wattage outputs indicated by the lights on the front of the device, one light = 30W, two lights = 40W and three lights = 50W. To do this press the fire button in quick succession three times and then press until desired wattage.
  • Battery Indicator – Once you have taken your finger off the fire button the lights will remain on for two seconds to indicate the level the battery. Three for full, two for half and one for nearly empty.

Thoughts and Conclusions

I have had this device for well over a month now, using it constantly over the first two weeks and then I had a week off and I have now been using it for the last week. From day one I have been really impressed and surprised by the punch of power it gives.

This device is tiny and very discreet, until you use it. This little device gives off some fantastic vapour production. It is a direct to lung device and the air flow on this is huge, I had to turn it down a little.

The stock 0.25 ohm coil delivers some really good flavour, I found that the flavour improved with less air flow, at about half I found it was about perfect. I love the design of the coils with the O-Rings and the push fit and they work very well I have had no issues with the coils either. I am three weeks in and still on the same coil and I have been using 70VG/30PG juice. However, with it only being a 2ml tank I found myself having to fill it up on a regular basis, can’t really say that that is an issue because the company is designing a device to keep within the TPD/TRPR regulations.

The child safety atomiser, I think it works really well with the four teeth that slot into little holes once you have found the holes. It seemed a little fiddly to start, but I soon got use to it. Another feature that I thought was really good about this device, is the automatic shut off after ten minutes.

The battery life is good, with constant use I found that it lasted me all day though it did drop to one light indicator and then I would put it on charge overnight. With the safety feature of the over charging protector, which stops charging once it is fully charged, it was safe to leave it. I didn’t find any loss in performance as the battery level dropped. If I did run out of battery the device just stopped.

The LED lights are a bit of a gimmick in my opinion and I can’t see them when I vape unless I hold the device out in front of me, but then what’s the point in that? I don’t have people watching me vape to check out my lights or if I did, well, I’d just find that a bit weird. In my opinion an unnecessary addition.

So, is it a starter kit? If you are a direct to lung starter, then yes. If you are a mouth to lung then this isn’t for you, even with all the air holes closed it is too airy in my opinion to get a good mouth to lung draw on it.

​ For me it is a great little device I can put in my pocket for when I’m out and about, I’ve loved using it. Still today it surprises me how well it performs and I am really impressed by the look and the build of the device.


  • Small pocket sized device/stealthy
  • Produces great vapour
  • Good flavour
  • Child safety atomiser
  • Air flow
  • Reliable coils
  • ten minute automatic switch off


  • LED lights – no need for them.
  • 2ml tank – It is not the company’s fault as they need to comply with regulations, but with the performance of the device I am filling it constantly.


At this time I do not know when the UK release is nor do I know what price it will be selling at, once I do I will update this information.

I would highly recommend going and checking out Viva Kita.

You can also check out http://www.VivaKita.com or click here.

You can also find them on social media;

Instagram: @Viva_Kita

Twitter: @Viva_Kita

Facebook: /VivaKitaOfficial

I’d like to say thank you to Shek of Vaptio/Viva Kita for giving me this device for review.

If you have enjoyed reading this review then please click the like button at the bottom and please leave a comment it would be good to hear your thoughts.

If you think that there is a juice/vendor out there that you think I should try or you are a company and would like me to do a review, you can contact me via the following:

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Have a dapper day cloud chasers!




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