VP Vaping Review: Dr Vapes

Dr Vapes are a UK company based in London. They have three ranges with four flavours per range and they all come in a 78VG/22PG mix.

I first met the guys at Dr Vapes when they were attending Vape Jam UK 3 this year (if you would like to check out my visit please click here). After the event I was actually quite surprised that I hadn’t heard of them before because since then I have heard nothing but good things about their juice and they have been around for a little while.

After speaking with the guys at Dr Vapes they asked me if I would do a review for them and gave me three from two of their ranges, Dat Stuff and Phamarcy Range for the purpose of review.

At present their website is down which I assume is being rebuilt for TPD/TRPR purposes, I cannot comment on how they are going forward with the new regulations coming in. They will be attending the Vaper Expo UK – The Big Weekend this week and so it will come clearer and I will be able to update this information.

I have mentioned many times before that going to events and trying juice can come across as being amazing and then you buy some, get it home and into your own device and it doesn’t quite live up to expectation. Please read on and let’s take a look and see what I think of these juices.

The review I will be conducting will be a scent test from the open bottle of juice and then a flavour test on the devices listed below.

With no further a do, I’ll get on with the review.

Devices used:

  • Joyetech Cuboid 150W @ 70watts, Geekvape Tsunami 24 with Dual Clapton 0.8ohm coils, wicked with Kendo Cotton
  • Aspire Pegasus 70W @ 40watts, Aspire Triton2 with Clapton 0.5ohm coil
  • Innokin CoolFire plus 70W @ 40watts, Aspire Cleito with 0.4ohm coil

Dat Stuff

Dat Great Stuff

Scent: bubblegum.

Flavour: it is well documented that I don’t like bubblegum vapes and normally I don’t really enjoy grape vapes either. So, it won’t come as a surprise that this juice is a grape/bubblegum. However, there is something else there that really makes this juice quite palatable for me. The bubblegum is not overpowering and the grape is prominent but with this lovely sweetness to it.

On the inhale I get this delightfully sweet grape (none of these sour notes which can be present in some grape juices). On to the exhale and the grape just blossoms and I get a bubblegum note that drifts about in the background. If you are looking for a powerful bubblegum then you won’t get that here, but if you like a soft bubblegum with a lovely sweet fruity taste to it, then you won’t go far wrong. It’s not for me.

VP Review Rating: 5/10

Dat Good Stuff

Scent: grapefruit.

Flavour: oh my goodness, this is so good! I love a grapefruit vape and so it was certainly a surprise when there isn’t any grapefruit in this juice. I haven’t had guava in such a long time (which I love too) and the fine blend of apples makes this a truly wonderful vape.

On the inhale a delightful and fruity guava that is heavenly smooth. On to the exhale and the guava starts out but is soon taken over by a light soft sweet apple. Not a lot more I can say, very fruity, very smooth and definitely an ADV for me.

VP Review Rating: 11/10

Dat Blue Stuff

Scent: blue slushie, blue raspberry.

Flavour: if I didn’t think it could get any better, it just did. My first piece of advice for Dr Vapes is they need to re-name this juice to Dat Awesome Stuff. There is a certain blue raspberry juice that I vaped a lot of and I looked around for a long time for another juice that would compete with it, I have just found it. Not only that, it is better than that juice. Oh my goodness, this juice is awesome. Oh and there is no koolada added, perfect.

Do you think I like it?

On the inhale I get a really full-bodied blue raspberry. On to the exhale and this flavour just accentuates with great depth to it. The blue raspberry just bounces around the senses driving them wild and wanting for more. Is this a an ADV? Er, yeah!

VP Review Rating: 11/10

The Phamarcy Range

Happy Hour

Scent: custard with hints to fruit.

Flavour: this is definitely a custard vape with fruity tones which are well blended. At first I couldn’t get it, but there are two tones of cream in this, the creamy custard and a vanilla ice cream too (no koolada).

On the inhale I get a rich creamy custard which is followed in by an also rich ice cream which is definitely a back note. On to the exhale and the custard moves further back and a fine blend of soft strawberry and a hint of banana comes to the front. Enough to know that they are there but neither jumping out at me. An ADV for me.

VP Review Rating: 8/10

Pain Killer

Scent: fruity, citrus notes.

Flavour: I find this one hard to break down and pinpoint individual flavours. A great blend of mixed fruits which reminds me of something but I cannot put a finger on it. I believe that there is a melon in there and a pineapple. There are citrus notes and a feel for soft summer fruits too. It is a really refreshing vape.

On the inhale I get a swirl of mixed refreshing fruits that tantalise the taste buds. On to the exhale and the bouquet of fruits explode on the palate. Making for a truly divine ADV for me.

VP Review Rating: 9/10

Anti Depressant

Scent: a nutty biscuit with hints of caramel.

Flavour: wow, interesting. Dr Vapes have really switched things up here and I really like what they have done. There is a mix of tobacco and nuts with this rich caramel which softens the vape. Really is a pleasure to vape. For me I think it would be most enjoyable in an evening with a few drinks.

On the inhale I get a two tone of nuts, one of which is a hazelnut, the other I’m not so sure. There is a sweetness to the inhale too. On to the exhale and the nuts continue through but are joined by a dark tobacco, which is in good measure that it does not take over the juice, but certainly adds to it. Throughout the exhale the caramel just pushes further forward finishing me with a lovely deep soft and smooth caramel. It’s an ADV for me

VP Review Rating: 8/10

So to my conclusion, I find that Dr Vapes have brought some excellent juices to the market. Delivering fantastic full-bodied flavours and some excellent vapour production. I have been really impressed with the depth of these juices and I can tell that a lot of hard work and effort has gone into making these juices just right. To do it well over several categories really shows the skills of the team involved. I do prefer the gorilla style bottles over the twisty top bottles as they perform better when dripping. The labelling is good and stands out. After trying these, it makes me very interested to check out the others they have done.

I believe that they will be at Vaper Expo UK – The Big Weekend this week, if you are going why not go and have a try for yourself. If you are there, look out for me and come and say hello, it would be great to meet you.


If you require further information on Dr Vapes.

You can do this by going to http://www.UKDrVapes.com or click here. (when it comes back up)

You can also find them on social media;

Instagram: @Dr_Vapes

Facebook: /UKDrVapes

I’d like to say thank you to the guys of Dr Vapes for giving me these juices for review.

If you have enjoyed reading this review then please click the like button at the bottom and please leave a comment it would be good to hear your thoughts.

If you think that there is a juice/vendor out there that you think I should try or you are a company and would like me to do a review, you can contact me via the following:

Email: hello@vapingpogonophile.com

Twitter: @v_pogonophile

Instagram: @vapingpogonophile

Facebook: FaceBook.com/vapingpogonophile

Website: www.vapingpogonophile.com


Have a dapper day cloud chasers!


VP Review Rating explained:

8/10 – 10/10 = Awesome stuff, will be keeping in my personal stock

6/10 – 7/10 = Very good

5/10 = Very good, but is not of personal taste

0/10 – 4/10 = I have issues with it


There have been a few changes to the way I write my review to be compliant with the TPD/TRPR regulations that came into force on the 20/05/17. If you would like any further details on the regulations, please click here.



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