VP Vaping Review: C.R.E.A.M E-Juice part 2

C.R.E.A.M E-Juice are an American company based in California. They have one range with five juices, they are a High VG mix.

C.R.E.A.M E-Juice is manufactured by Ruthless, a well known brand. I have reviewed the first two from the range, if you’d like to check out that review please click here.

C.R.E.A.M stands for – Clouds Rule Everything Around Me

These juices were sent to me for the purpose of review by Tony of Vivd Vapes who sells and distributes these juices in the UK. If you would like to look at the other reviews I have done for Tony please click the links below.

These are a shortfill range and so I have added nicotine shots. Nicotine can sometimes change the flavour of a juice or make the juice react differently, so for me to test properly I think it is important to have it as it would be vaped by a customer. Please read on and let’s take a look and see what I think of these juices.

The review I will be conducting will be a scent test from the open bottle of juice and then a flavour test on the devices listed below.

With no further a do, I’ll get on with the review.

Devices used:

  • Vaporesso Tarot 200W @ 70watts, Geekvape Tsunami 24 with Dual Clapton 0.8ohm coils, wicked with Kendo Cotton
  • Vaptio Solo II @ 50watts with 0.25ohm coil
  • Sigelei/KAOS Spectrum 220W @ 40watts, Aspire Cleito with 0.4ohm coil



Scent:  rich cream with tones of Churros.

Flavour: oh wow, this juice just reminds me of what I’m missing in my life, a superb C.R.E.A.M e-juice. Its rich thick creamy tones deliver such heavenly bliss for me. The Churros is there in good measure with a slight hint of cinnamon.

On the inhale I get a lovely rich cream that rolls in with sweet tones. On to the exhale and the cream wonderfully coats my palate. Joining the cream is this delightful baked Churro, you can almost feel the crisp sweet cinnamon coating. The cream pushes further forward enveloping the Churro, leaving my palate all sweet and creamy. Yum, yum.

VP Review Rating: 10/10


Scent: rich cream with light tones of tobacco.

Flavour: I find this a bizarrely pleasant vape. I’m not usually one for a tobacco vape, but I have been quietly surprised at some of the mixes that companies have come up with. This juice certainly doesn’t disappoint on that front. For me it is like a smoky, woody tobacco and the cream smooths off the edges.

On the inhale I get the rich cream gliding in with subtle hints of the tobacco with sweet edges. On to the exhale and the tobacco pushes further forward, I get more of the tones of the tobacco. The cream is always there in abundance and there are lots of sweet notes. My palate is left once again creamy with sweet notes.

VP Review Rating: 8/10


Scent: sweet creamy banana.

Flavour: banana isn’t a flavour I tend to vape, but I’m finding this juice rather moreish. For me it comes across as the banana has been blended with the beautiful rich cream. There is also a lovely surprise of a light and sweet buttery pastry on the exhale.

On the inhale I get a rich blend of banana and cream with the usual sweet notes, the banana cream builds in flavour into the inhale. On to the exhale and the banana cream bursts out encapsulating my taste buds leaving just enough room for the pastry to come through. Once again this juice leaves my palate all creamy with sweet notes.

VP Review Rating: 9/10


So to my conclusion, I find that C.R.E.A.M E-Juice have brought three more excellent juices to the market. I am really impressed. The juices just ooze quality and deliver a full-bodied flavour and produces some excellent vapour. All the juices are on the sweet side, but if you have a sweet tooth like me then you are going to get many hours of enjoyment from these juices.

All the juices came in a 60ml glass bottle with 50ml of 0mg nicotine, child safety cap, pipette and were shrink wrapped.

I love the labeling and design work, simple but very effective. Though the website is very simplistic it gives you all the information you need and is easy to navigate. Vivd Vapes is a good site which is clear and easy to navigate. Once again Tony’s eye for a good juice is proven yet again.

If you require further information on C.R.E.A.M E-Juice.

You can do this by going to http://www.CreamEjuice.com or click here.

You can get further information on Vivd Vapes go to http://www.VivdVapes.co.uk or click here.

You can also find them on social media;

Instagram: @CreamEjuice  @VivdVapes

Twitter: @CreamEjuice   @VivdVapes

Facebook: /VivdVapes

I’d like to say thank you to Tony of Vivd Vapes for sending me this juice for review.

If you have enjoyed reading this review then please click the like button at the bottom and please leave a comment it would be good to hear your thoughts.

If you think that there is a juice/vendor out there that you think I should try or you are a company and would like me to do a review, you can contact me via the following:

Email: hello@vapingpogonophile.com

Twitter: @v_pogonophile

Instagram: @vapingpogonophile

Facebook: FaceBook.com/vapingpogonophile

Website: www.vapingpogonophile.com

Have a dapper day cloud chasers!

VP Review Rating explained, when scoring a juice I’m looking at the quality of the juice, how close I feel the flavour is to what it says it is and how I find it stands alongside other flavours of the same type on the market:

11/10 = Awesome Stuff

8/10 – 10/10 = Differing levels of excellence

5/10 – 7/10 = Differing levels of Goodness

0/10 – 4/10 = I have issues with it


There have been a few changes to the way I write my review to be compliant with the TPD/TRPR regulations that came into force on the 20/05/17. If you would like any further details on the regulations, please click here.

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