VP Vaping Review: OPS-1 by Smokjoy

Smokjoy are a Chinese company based in Shenzhen. They have a range of hardware products, ranging from starter kits, variable wattage batteries, a Subohm Tank, RDAs and RTAs.

I was contacted by Tom from Dyin to Live (a reviewers network company which I am apart of) and was sent out the OPS1 by Smokjoy from Eco Vape who stock and distribute the device for the purpose of review. This is Smokjoy’s first pod system device to come on to the market. Read on and lets see how and if it can compete with what is a vastly growing market.



What comes in the box:

  • 1 x OPS-1 MOD
  • 2 x Refillable OPS Pods (1 mouth to lung and 1 direct to lung)
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x QC Card


Taking a look at the box

On the front of the box you will find a picture of the device and a nicotine warning label. On the back of the box you will find the company logo, a list of contents, some warning logos and a nicotine warning label.

On each side of the box you will find the name of the device. The box consists of a figure of eight sleeve with two drawers, on one of the drawers you will find a scratch and check QR code.

The OPS-1 specifications:

  •  Pod Tank Capacity – 2ml
  • Battery Capacity – 1100mAh
  • Charging Voltage – 5V
  • Charging Time – 1 hour
  • Max Charging Current – 1A
  • Atomiser Material – Food Grade PC
  • Atomiser Resistance – M-Pod 1.2Ω, D-Pod 0.6Ω

The size of the device:

  • Height – 81mm
  • Width – 46mm
  • Depth – 24mm
  • Weight – 119g (Pod 8g)


Taking a look at the device

The images above show the device without the pod. The main part of the body is metal with a large grip styled piece of plastic on the back side of the device. There are indentations with a carbon fibre look sticker on each side. You will find the Smokjoy logo on one side and the name of the device on the opposite side.

There is a large fire button on the top of the device and you can see the hole for the pod to sit in. You can also see the pod power connections and if you look closely you can see quite a large magnet under the surface (check images below).

In the images below you can see the micro USB port for charging which is situated at the back towards the base of the device. You can also see the blue LED lights which come on when the device is in use. These turn red when the battery is running low.

Below you can see the pods that come with the device. There are two types, a mouth to lung (MTL) and a direct to lung (DTL). After looking at these closely the only difference I can see is the silicon bung at the base to plug the fill hole. One is white(MTL) and one is black/grey(DTL). When you take them out of the box there is a little sticker informing you which is which.

Using the device

Five clicks of the fire button to switch on and five clicks to switch off. Then press the fire button to vape.

Thoughts and Conclusions

When I first got this device I really liked it, I did(do) prefer the DTL pod over the MTL pod and I have been using nicotine salts in it. I found that it was a great performer and the battery life was really good too.

However, my love for it soon diminished because of two design faults, yes I’m going to call them faults.

The first one is the mouthpiece, it is rectangular in shape and you can only comfortably vape it side on. Picking up the device to vape, it feels more natural to have the fire button below (by my chin) but it is not at all comfortable in the mouth for me.

The other for me is the position of the fire button, because of how I have to use the device (sideways) I find my finger or my thumb in my  mouth too. Also with having a hairy face I find pressing on the fire button I occasionally pull hair from either my beard or mustache. Obviously if you don’t have a hairy face this won’t affect you.

As far as pod system devices go this one is fairly large. I’ve put a few images of the device along side some of the others on the market.

The pods do connect really well with the device with some strong magnets and I cannot fault the workings of the device.

This is one of those devices that I am left really frustrated with because it really does perform very well, to an impressive standard. But, I have to put it down because I cannot get on with the mouthpiece. For me that is the main problem. In fact if Smokjoy were to redesign the pod mouthpiece I could be a lot more forgiving with the position of the fire button and also this action is a little more possible.

It is a great performer but it will be down to whether it feels comfortable for you.


  • Great performance from both pod types
  • Good battery life
  • Good flavour


  • The mouthpiece design
  • The position of thew fire button, too close to mouth


If you require further information on Smokjoy.

You can do this by going to http://www.Smokjoy.com or click here.

For further information on the distributor go to http://www.Eco-Vape.co.uk or click here.

You can also find them on social media;

Instagram: @Smokjoy

Twitter: @SmokjoyEcig

Facebook: /SmokjoyGlobal

I’d like to say thank you to Tom of Dyin to Live for sending me this device for review.

If you have enjoyed reading this review then please click the like button at the bottom and please leave a comment it would be good to hear your thoughts.

If you think that there is a juice/vendor out there that you think I should try or you are a company and would like me to do a review, you can contact me via the following:

Email: hello@vapingpogonophile.com

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Have a dapper day cloud chasers!

There have been a few changes to the way I write my review to be compliant with the TPD/TRPR regulations that came into force on the 20/05/17. If you would like any further details on the regulations, please click here.

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