VP Vaping Review: Jack Rabbit Salts

Jack Rabbit Vapes are a UK company based in Oxford. They have a five juice shortfill range with another coming out soon.

I reviewed the range from Jack Rabbit Vapes back at the beginning of their journey, links to those reviews are below. I have watched as they have grown and are now distributed by several large UK distributors, which speaks volumes in its self. They have introduced some new packaging which looks amazing and now some new flavours. Also they have just introduced a salt nicotine range which is what I’m taking a look at today. I was contacted recently and asked if I would revisit a couple of flavours and take a look at their new ones. I was sent the juices for the purpose of review.

What are nic salts?

Nic salts are derived from the natural nicotine salts found in tobacco plants, these salts are made up of positively charged ionized nicotine molecules bound to negatively charged organic conjugates. Freebase nicotine, as found in the ‘traditional’ e-liquids we are used to, is a result of extracting these salts from tobacco plants and using ammonia to increase the pH level, returning the nicotine to a neutrally charged freebase state. 

Nicotine salts aim to replicate the same nicotine hit that is provided by smoking a cigarette, as the nicotine salts are absorbed into your bloodstream much faster than the freebase nicotine found in ‘traditional’ e-liquids on the market, meaning that a nicotine hit is felt quicker from inhaling vaporized e-liquid containing nicotine salts. 

(This description has been taken from The Planet of Vapes guides)

The review I will be conducting will be a scent test from the open bottle of juice and then a flavour test on the devices listed below.

With no further a do, I’ll get on with the review.

Device used:

  • DripeX Dbox 30W, Vandy Vape Berserker MTL RDA with a 0.7Ω coil

Banoffee Pie

Scent: creamy banana, toffee with hints of biscuit.

Flavour: its a lovely rich banoffee pie, I find it is a little bit biscuit base heavy but there is a lovely creamy banana and toffee blend. It is a delightful vape.

On the inhale I get a lovely soft biscuit base. On to the exhale the biscuit continues with a luscious creamy banana and toffee mix coming in to join it. It finishes well balanced and leaves my palate with a biscuity taste. Very moreish.

VP Review Rating: 9/10

Raspberry White Cookie

Scent: raspberry with hints of chocolate and cookie.

Flavour: I get cookie straight away, there is something about the mix of raspberry and white chocolate, they really compliment each other. It is great because I can quite clearly distinguish each flavour. The raspberry has some lovely sharp notes which are calmed by the white chocolate.

On the inhale it all about the cookie, I can imagine it being a lovely golden brown. On the exhale I get a continuation of the cookie but is joined by a raspberry with sweet sharp notes and a delicate white chocolate which compliments the arrangement.

VP Review Rating: 9/10


Scent: tropical fruits.

Flavour: it is funny how our tastes change, when I first tried this flavour many moons ago I criticised it for its addition of coolant. Now I like it, I’ve found that I have grown to like fruits with a touch of coolant especially in nicotine salts. This tropical blend really is on point and delivers a great vape.

On the inhale I get a bold blend of different tropical fruits, picking out Papaya, Mango and Pineapple finishing with a slight cool hit to the throat. On to the exhale and the coolant continues. The blend of fruits pop out hitting my taste buds and there is a hint of coconut in the background.

VP Review Rating: 10/10

Blueberry Duffin

Scent: blueberry with a hint of muffin.

Flavour: I have to say that this is one of the best muffin flavours I’ve tried, a fantastic richness to it. Such a depth to the flavour and the blueberries taste baked too!

On the inhale I a beautifully dark blueberry with some sweet notes and maybe a touch of the muffin. On to the exhale and the muffin comes across really well fulfilling the palate with this crazy likeness to a freshly baked muffin. Delightful.

VP Review Rating: 9/10

Mandarin Cheesecake

Scent: Mandarin with creamy tones.

Flavour: This is crazy good! Hits all my buttons. There is a lovely creaminess to it and the mandarin has some lovely sharp citrus notes. There is also a soft biscuit base throughout the vape in the background. I find the balance of flavours incredible.

On the inhale I get a rich creamy back note and some lovely sharp notes of the mandarin. On to the exhale the biscuit base comes in to join the other flavours, leaving my palate creamy with hints of biscuit. A fantastic combination.

VP Review Rating: 10/10

So to my conclusion, I find that Jack Rabbit Salts have brought an excellent range to the market and if you like your desserts you are going to love these. There is a great quality to these juices and they deliver great flavour and smooth vape. I’ve always been impressed with the products from Jack Rabbit Vapes.

The samples I received came in unicorn style bottles with child safety caps and tamper rings. They also came in boxes. I love the design and labeling certainly come on a lot from when they originally launched. They have a great website which is clear and easy to navigate.

If you require further information on Jack Rabbit Vapes.

You can do this by going to http://www.JackRabbitVapes.co.uk or click here.

You can also find them on social media;

Instagram: @JackRabbitVapes

Twitter: @JackRabbitVapes

Facebook: /JackRabbitVapes

I’d like to say thank you to Josh of Jack Rabbit Vapes for sending me these juices for review.

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If you think that there is a juice/vendor out there that you think I should try or you are a company and would like me to do a review, you can contact me via the following:

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Have a dapper day cloud chasers!


VP Review Rating explained, when scoring a juice I’m looking at the quality of the juice, how close I feel the flavour is to what it says it is and how I find it stands alongside other flavours of the same type on the market:

11/10 = Awesome Stuff

8/10 – 10/10 = Differing levels of excellence

5/10 – 7/10 = Differing levels of Goodness

0/10 – 4/10 = I have issues with it


I try to write my review to be compliant with the TPD/TRPR regulations that came into force on the 20/05/17. If you would like any further details on the regulations, please click here.

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