VP Vaping Review: Vape Wild

Vape Wild are an American company based in Dallas, Texas. They are one of the largest online sellers of eliquid in America boasting a huge range of flavours. Vape Wild were at Vape Jam UK and Vaper Expo UK this year, some how I foolishly missed them at Vape Jam, a friend and reviewer colleague […]

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VP Vaping Review: The Cakery

The Cakery eliquid are an American company which have also produced Tasty Cloud Vape Co (review, click here) and FIXX E Liquid (review, click here). I was very lucky to meet Andy from Vape Emporium London, we met at the end of a very long day on the Saturday at Vape Jam UK, but we were able […]

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VP Vaping Review: Beard Vape Co

I am so excited to be doing this review, I’m that excited that my inside writing voice has gone very high pitch. Beard Vape Co are an American company based in California and have been producing premium juice for a few years now and have quite a name for themselves. The first time I came across Beard […]

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VP Where have you been?

Where have I been? Now, I’ve been fairly active on twitter but I haven’t blogged in about three to four weeks. Thought I’d do a small blog and let you know why I’ve been so quiet on the blog/review front. The thing is my blogging and reviewing is a hobby and with all hobbies if life […]

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