VP Vaping Review: Gold Edition by Exceptional Vapes

Exceptional Vapes are a UK company based in Derbyshire. They have four ranges with a fifth, Menthol MOB coming out soon. Chubby Juice with eleven flavours, Ice Ice Maybe with four flavours, Desired Desserts with four flavours and they are a 80VG/20PG mix and their fully TPD/TRPR complaint Gold Edition with twelve flavours and they are a 70VG/30PG mix. I went to Vaper Expo UK – […]

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VP Vaping Review: Vape Infuse

Vape Infuse are a UK company based in London. They have three ranges . They are distributed by LE VAP. Have you heard of LE VAP? They are a large European distribution company and you will have heard about some of the ranges that they distribute, there is quite a list! Twelve Vapor, California Vaping, Dr. […]

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VP Vaping Review: Birmingham Vapes

Birmingham Vapes are a UK company based in Birmingham (was that a surprise?). They have three ranges, Hells Kitchen with two juices, Heavens Gates with two juices and Fingys with three juices all are a 70VG/30PG. I first met the guys from Birmingham Vapes when they launched their first range Hells Kitchen at the Vaper Expo UK in May last year and I did a […]

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VP Vaping Review: Vaponaute

Vaponaute are a French company based in Paris. They have three ranges with ten different flavours and a concentrates range with five flavours, the premix juices all come in a 60VG/40PG mix, unless stated. I went to Vape Jam UK 3 this year and had a really enjoyable time (you can read about my visit by clicking here). […]

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